1. Latino Beats
    Latino Beats
    Celebrate all your favourite Latin singers. J Lo, Shakira, Celia Cruz, Ricky Martin, Carmen Miranda, Mark Anthony, Gloria Estafan and more.
  2. Welcome To The Jungle
    Welcome To The Jungle
    Lions, Leopards, Zebras and giraffes. Perfect for a kids party!
  3. Fruit Cocktail
    Fruit Cocktail
    Celebrating all the fruits you can find in your salad bowl. Elaborate fruit themed costumes, this show will brighten up any event. Suitable for a childs party or request the adult comedy version.
  4. Brazilian Carnivale
    Brazilian Carnivale
    Bring the Rio Carnival to your next event. These gorgeous girls will add colour and energy to any event.
  1. La Fiesta
    La Fiesta
    Want to throw the best PARTY ever? This is the upbeat energetic show that will impress your guests. With a mix of latin dance styles and cabaret (oh! and a little striptease eye candy), this show has it all. Crowd participation is hot on the agenda, so if you want to get amongst the hot bods, sexy moves and seriously talented dancers - get yourselves, some front row seats!
  2. Moulin Rouge
    Moulin Rouge
    Be transported to Paris with these sexy and sultry showgirls and join in the fun with the show highlight the "CanCan"
  3. Gatsby
    Champagne, sparkles and roaring 20's.
  4. Cuban Flow
    Cuban Flow
    Tropicana show with all the flavour of authentic Cuban culture.
  1. Feel The Rhythm
    Feel The Rhythm
    Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Beat!
  2. Las Vegas
    Las Vegas
    Showgirls, Feathers & everything Los vegas!
  3. Cabaret Allsorts
    Cabaret Allsorts
    Songs from your favorite cabaret movies. All that jazz, Chicago, Moulin Rouge. Featuring singers and dancers!
  4. Hairspray The Musical
    Hairspray The Musical
    Add some 50's Fun to your event!